RGPS Council Bluffs ComeBack Tour Names Anthony Kellen Casino Champion For Horseshoe Iowa

With just one event left, Anthony Kellen had just 27.5 points and was behind in the race to Kenneth Adkins. Earlier in the week, Kellen racked up 27.5 points with a 4th place finish in the $135 Pro Bounty and a 5th place finish in the $250 PLO8 event. 

He then found himself deep at the final two tables of the $100 Turbo Ring Event. He needed sixth place to tie in points, but that wasn't going to be good enough as has competitor, Adkins, had slightly more cashes, so Kellen knew he had to get 5th in the Turbo to lock in the title of Casino Champion. Eventually a final table was reached and Kellen made painful fold after painful fold, including folding pocket Tens face up to an all-in, just trying to ladder his way to victory. Finally in a 3-way all-in that would knock out the 7th and 6th place finishes simultaneously, a fist pump and cheer was heard from Table 1. 

Congratulations, Anthony Kellen on being the official Casino Champion of Horseshoe Iowa! Below are the top 20 finishers in points:


Anthony Kellen $5,777.00 40
Kenneth Adkins $12,611.00 35
Adolfo Chavez $6,041.00 25
Brantley Grace $26,058.00 25
Craig Dick $18,704.00 25
Jacob Jobman $3,376.00 25
Scott Buller $6,828.00 25
Trung Tran $2,204 25
Steve Vang $26,058.00 22.5
Bartholomew Randolph $3,376.00 20
Brent Harrington $11,564.00 20
Jason Simon $4,219.00 20
John Johnson $2,204 20
Michael Briggs $3,731.00 20
Ryan Fetherkile $26,058.00 20
Kelly Vandehmeen $3,375.00 17.5
Matt McCool $2,204 17.5
Ryan Remmes $3,004.00 17.5
Bhaskar Setti $26,058.00 15
Daniel Connors $1,978.00 15