Day 2 of the RunGood Poker Series at the Hard Rock in Tulsa began with the conclusion of the $180 NLHE Deepstack event. 54 players returned to compete for $11,083 in first place prize money plus the $2,000 New Orleans Blaycation prize package. Fred Roll began the day as chip leader with 286,500 chips, but hit a rocky stretch and exited the tournament in 12th place. At the end it was local grinder Andrew Watson who took the top prize and the RG medallion.

Official $180 Deepstack results:

1 Andrew Watson $13,083
2 John Milsap $7,012
3 Dennis Robinson $4,696
4 John Heckencamp $3,275
5 Joe Ferguson $2,456
6 Krista Lowery $1,926
7 Gunner Peterson $1,628
8 Randal Murfin $1,348
9 Matthew Whitson $1,038
10 Terry Walker $1,038
11 Terry Presley $915
12 Mike Tang $915
13 Gerald D’Andrea $689
14 Fred Roll $689
15 Heather Alcorn $689
16 Alan Demeter $539 
17 Josef Tittjung $539
18 Edson Oliva $539
19 Ace Stine $433
20 Kristen Weirien $433
21 Chris Lor $433
22 Varton Tonion $433
23 William Fisher $433
24 Michael Phillips $433
25 Della Jones $433
26 Tai Du $433
27 Jared Ward $433
28 Dax Bilyeu $361
29 Samantha Abernathy $361
30 Benjamin Nix $361
31 Raymond Henson $361
32 Christopher Chaney $361
33 Joseph Stallings $361
34 Bryant Lipscomb $361
35 Kelly Bright $361
36 Debbie Inman $361

The talk at the table all afternoon, though, centered around 8th place finisher Randy Murfin. After making his exit from the tournament, he headed to the poker room to play in the cash games. Before completing his first orbit, Murfin was dealt pocket nines. He raised and then called a three-bet from another opponent. The flop came 99J, giving Murfin quad nines. He check-called the flop and the turn brought another jack. All the money went in and his opponent tabled JJ for quad jacks. This triggered the massive bad beat jackpot and Murfin, with the losing hand, was awarded over $60,000 as his share as the bad beat jackpot stood roughly around $159,000. 

At 4 p.m. the $230 Pot Limit Omaha tournament got underway, drawing 36 players by the time registration closed and creating a prize pool of $22,500 after the rebuy period closed. Based on the number of players entered, 4 players would be paid, with $10,125 going to first. In the end, it was RunGood pro Jonathan Gaviao who took the top prize, with RG pro Ray Henson taking second.

Official $230 PLO results:

1 Jonathan Gaviao $10,125
2 Raymond Henson $5,625
3 Walter Brandhorst $4,050
4 Daniel Lowery $2,700

There is still more action on the agenda through Sunday. Today's lineup includes the $40 All-In or Fold
with $20 Rebuys Satellite at noon, the $160 NLHE Turbo Satellite with 10 seats guaranteed at 4 p.m., and at 7 p.m. the first flight of the $675 RG Main Event gets underway. Come join us at the Hard Rock for all the action and get on the Road to the RunGood Cup!

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