With a board reading A♠3♥4♥J♦, Andre Allen moves all-in on the turn against Cary Marshall in a heads up pot. Marshall goes into the tank and Allen begins to talk. "I put you on tens," Allen says. After a little back and forth Marshall says, "You're not telling a very good story."

A few more seconds pass and Marshall calls.

Andre Allen - K♦Q♦

Cary Marshall - A♦T♦

Allen is drawing slim to a gutshot broadway straight, but the harmless 9♦ hits the river and Allen is eliminated.

"You gotta tell me a good story if you want me to fold," Marshall says as the pot is pushed his way. "You weren't ever folding that hand," Allen laughs.  Allen finishes in 16th place and has earned $478 for his performance.

Cary Marshall - 625,000

Andre Allen - Eliminated 


Other players eliminated:

18th - Jose Montes ($478)

17th - Michael Lech ($478)