Level 17 - 5,000 / 10,000 / 1,000

Julie Anna Cornelius raises from the cutoff to 22,000 and Tim Sipe calls on the button. Cash Carpenter calls from the big blind and we see a flop of J♠9♣2♦. Carpenter and Cornelius check to Sipe and he bets 48,000. Carpenter snap-shoves for 114,000 total and Cornelius folds.

Sipe calls and the hands are turned up.

Sipe - K♠T♠

Carpenter - T♣8♦

Carpenter is open-ended and Sipe is in front with King-high. The turn is the Q♠ giving both players a straight, but Sipes was best as a King-high straight. The meaningless 9♥ hit the river to complete the board but Carpenter was already out of his seat and headed to the payout counter. Carpenter finished 22nd for $408.

Tim Sipe - 320,000

Julie Anna Cornelius - 215,000

Cash Carpenter - Eliminated


Earlier eliminations:

24th: Michael McAdams ($408)

23rd: Jonathan Gaviao ($408)