An early position player raises to 13,000 and Philip Nelson calls. David Baker, next-to-act, three-bets to 50,000. Carol Burrell calls all-in for 31,500. The original raiser folds and Philip Nelson thinks for half a minute before committing his entire 60,000 stack. Baker calls and the cards are turned up.

David Baker - 9♠9♦

Carol Burrell - K♠Q♥

Philip Nelson - A♦J♠

The board runs out K♣9♥7♦2♣7♠, giving Baker a full house and eliminating two players.

David Baker - 270,000

Recent eliminations:

30th - Philip Nelson ($320)

29th - Carol Burrell ($320)

28th - Eric Bunch ($320)

27th - David Brown ($384)

The clock has been paused with 23:40 left in Level 15 while the players redraw for seats.