We're two weeks away from the start of the RunGood Poker Series: Game Seven season! The tour hits the road at Horseshoe Tunica August 13th - 18th followed by the Grand Casino Resort Oklahoma City August 20th - 25th. For full schedules visit www.RunGoodEvents.com.

We last left off at the steel rings coming out of molds from 1,500 degree heat. If you're just now joining the ring process you can catch back up here.

July 18th, 2019

It's time to make the rings shine
We're really starting to get somewhere. The rings are now entering the "Buff/Polish" stage. In this stage we're carefully polishing and buffing the rings for smoothness and shine. This is one of the most important steps in the finishing process, as we know you want your rings to shine!


July 25th, 2019

Now the rings are typically onto our "Special Details" stage. 
This is where personalized details get applied. A few examples of this might be the cards engraved on the side of your ring, the season's theme on the inside, or colors applied to the logo on top. This takes a very patient person to apply these details, and it must be done carefully and with precision. This is also proof the final touches to the rings are near.


August 1st, 2019
It's time to put the bling in the ring!   

Known as the 'Icing on the Cake' around here! This is when the stones are hand-picked and prong set into your ring, giving that special effect that only a champion can show off. It's almost time to start getting excited to receive the rings soon! The setting of these stones can take up to 10 hours per ring! This is a very challenging step, but we never cut corners!   
All stones are prong set with 4 prongs for security. Most other companies only provide 3 prongs. It's important to us that your ring is handed off to it's champion with first class construction. You didn't cut any corners to win your championship, so we promise not to cut any corners in the craftsmanship of your Championship Ring!


The RunGood Poker Series rings are set to arrive August 6th! Stay tuned for photos then!