Level 5 (200/400/50)
Day 1A entries: 66

Justin Gardenhire opens from middle position to 800 and gets three callers in the hijack, button, and small blind. The dealer spreads a flop of K♥7♦5♠ and the small blind checks. Gardenhire checks as does the hijack. Cory Harwig on the button has other plans and bets out 1,600. The small blind folds and Gardenhire check-raises to 5,400. The hijack folds and Harwig calls.

"Five of clubs," Gardenhire says, pointing at the felt, but the turn brings the A♠. Gardenhire considers his bet, animated in typical Gardenhire fashion, shifting in his seat and making faces, then puts out a bet of 6,000. Harwig wastes no time moving all in for 14,875. 

"You have ace-king, don't you," Gardy asks. "Well, I'm never folding," he adds, tossing in a call to put Harwig's tournament at risk.

Gardenhire - K♦5♦
Harwig - 6♠4♠

Gardenhire is ahead with two pair but must fade Harwig's straight and flush draws. But sometimes they get there, as the river brings the 7♠ to complete Harwig's flush.

Justin Gardenhire - 29,400
Cory Harwig - 44,400

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