Grant Hinkle - 16th place

Grant Hinkle, Ron Miller, and Eric Bunch get all in three ways preflop.

Hinkle has pocket aces and a pretty big stack. Miller has pocket kings and is the shortest of the three and Bunch has pocket tens.

The flop comes 8♦ 7♦ 6♦, giving each player a diamond draw, but Hinkle holds the A♦.

Ron Miller - 17th place

The turn is a nine, giving Bunch a straight and the river is an ace, which doesn't matter at that point. Bunch wins the three way pot and knocks out both Hinkle and Miller. Both will take home $1,258 for their finishes.

Eric Bunch - 510,000
Ron Miller - Eliminated
Grant Hinkle - Eliminated

Eric bunchGrant hinkleRon miller