Jeff Martin opens the pot from under-the-gun to 55,000 and the action folds around to Stephen Hayes in the small blind who moves all in for 219,000. Martin calls and the cards are turned over.

Jeff Martin - 7♥7♣

Stephen Hayes - K♦Q♦

The stacks are practically even, with Hayes outchipping Martin by just 10,000, making this a critical pot for both players.  The flop buries Martin in a deep hole with the Q♣Q♠9♥, leaving him needing running one of the two remaining sevens to survive. It fails to appear as the turn is the 2♦, and the river is the 8♦ to give Hayes the win.

Martin is eliminated in 8th place and receives $1,197 for his efforts.

Stephen Hayes - 448,000

Jeff Martin - Eliminated