Level 14 - 2,500 / 5,000 / 500

Andre Allen raises from the hijack to 11,000 and Matt LeTourneau calls from the big blind. The flop comes A♠3♥3♦. LeTourneau checks and Allen thinks for a bit before checking behind.

The turn is the J♠. LeTourneau leads for 16,000 and Allen quickly calls.  The river is the Q♠.

LeTournaeu checks after a few moments thought and Allen starts putting together chips for a bet, ultimately putting out a bet of 20,000. LeTourneau thinks it over and calls.

"Do you have the flush?" Allen asks, turning over A♥7♥. LeTourneau silently turns over A♦J♦ for two pair and drags the pot.

Matt LeTourneau - 118,000

Andre Allen - 65,000