Level 23 - 25,000 / 50,000 / 3,000

Nam Phan moves all in from the small blind and Nick Burris asks for a count from the big blind. 405,000 is the answer and Burris calls.

Phan - A♣T♥

Burris - A♥5♥

The dealer spreads a flop of 8♣4♦3♦ and Phan says, "Extra outs." The turn is the 6♠ and everyone lets out a moan. The river is the 5♠ giving Burris the best hand with a pair of fives and Phan's day is over. Phan exits the tournament in 4th place and receives $3,081 for his performance.

Nick Burris - 2,200,000

Nam Phan - Eliminated