Level 2 (100/100/100)
Total Entrants: 81

Dan Lowery (pictured) finished up Level 1 taking down a small pot, then busted in the early minutes of Level 2.

In the first hand, Lowery is in the small blind and faces a raise from a player in middle position. Another player calls and Lowery calls.

The dealer spreads a flop of Q♠5♥3♣, and the action checks through. The dealer adds the J♣ to the board, and this time Lowery check-calls a bet of 500 from the original raiser. The third player in the hand folds.

The river is the 4♣, bringing in a possible backdoor flush. Lowery leads for 1,100 and his opponent folds.

Dan Lowery - 22,400

In the second hand, we missed the action but asked Jacob Seale for the details. Seale says he raised from early position with A♣Q♣ and two players called, including Lowery.

The flop came T♣8♣4x, giving Seale the nut flush draw with overcards. Seale continued with a bet and both players called.  The turn was an Ax, and Seale says he bet again but on the small side.

According to Seale, Lowery jammed all-in and the third player folded. Seale called and the hands were turned up to show Lowery's 5♣2♣ combo draw in rough shape against Seale's top pair and flush draw.

The river bricked out for Lowery, giving Seale a near double-up.

Jacob Seale - 38,000
Dan Lowery - Eliminated

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