Level 8 (500/1,000/100)
Day 1A Entrants: 110

As predicted, Jeff Kester is in the lead heading into the second break of the day. Kester officially can claim to have the chips he paid for via his seven entries on Day 1A. The legendary Roy Hill (pictured) is second behind Kester and is smooth sailing his way through to Day 2 so far. 

The registration period for Day 1A concludes at the start of Level 9 (11:30 pm) and we should see a few more entrants trickle in. Any player who doesn't get in tonight is encouraged to register in advance of tomorrow's Day 1B and 1C to avoid placement on the alternate list. 

When play resumes in Level 9, the RG blog returns with all the action as we head toward the bags and the end of the opening flight. A look at the stacks over 100,000 is below. 

Jeff Kester - 140,000
Mike Cordell - 130,000
Roy Hill - 125,000
Bren Young - 115,000

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