Level 10 (800/1600/1600)
Total Entrants: 113

We arrive at Table 13 to see a flop out and a hand in progress between Shaun Bonavita (pictured), Kristi Catalani, and Kris Burchfield. The flop reads 4♠2♠3♥. Burchfield is first to act and he bets 3,500 into a pot of around 7,000. Catalani calls and Bonavita calls.

The turn brings the 7♦. Burchfield checks and Catalani bets 8,000. Bonavita calls and Burchfield goes into the tank before throwing his hand away.

The dealer completes the board with the Q♣, and Catalani immediately announces all-in. Bonavita has her covered and asks for a count. The answer comes back as 46,200, and Bonavita starts cutting out chips to call.

Another minute goes by and Bonavita waves a hand and says, "I call," tossing in a single black chip and turning over A♠5♠ for the wheel.

Catalani sees the bad news and reluctantly tables 7♥4♦ for two pair.  With a shrug, she gathers her things and heads for the exit.

This pot puts Bonavita in contention for the chip lead.

Shaun Bonavita - 192,400
Kris Burchfield - 17,200
Kristi Catalani - Eliminated

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