Level 12 (1500/2500/2500)
Total Entrants: 140
Day 1B Players Remaining: 36

The sun has set on Flight B and the horses have left the corral for a well-earned bed of straw and a tequila, or whatever horses drink these days.

After all the bags were tallied, Valerie Cross (pictured) retained her chip lead for the flight, despite strong competition from Randi Lister and Huey Hulin. In all, 36 players advance to Day 2 from Flight B. So far, 56 players have secured their seats into Sunday's final, with Flight C kicking off at 7:00 p.m.

Here are the official end-of-flight chip counts:

VALERIE CROSS                       217,000
RANDI LISTER                       205,500
HUEY HULIN                       194,500
ALAN WHITE                       180,500
JEFF WYATT                       137,000
VITO DISTEFANO                       133,000
DUSTIN STEWART                       130,500
SETH FOSTER                       122,000
JOHNATHAN SONDROL                       110,500
BRIAN KELLEY                         98,500
RON PALCULIER                         92,500
MICHAEL WATERSTRADT                         89,500
CARL NECE                         88,500
THOMAS SKEELES                         88,000
ANN PALCULICT                         76,000
GREG STANLEY                         70,500
JOHNATHAN KABIDEAN                         70,000
CLAY HENRY                         68,500
MARK VANKIERSBLICK                         60,000
MSTR LYNCH                         59,500
JOHNNY DONNELLY                         56,000
LARRY FABIAN                         54,500
ROY HILL                         53,500
TIM BURT                         50,500
CHESTER DILDAY                         50,100
BILLY HOLLER                         48,000
ROSCOE BENNETT                         47,500
GRANT HART                         42,000
HAROLD JOHNSON                         38,500
JAMES HERBERT                         37,000
BOBBY FUENTES                         35,000
REX SMITH                         35,000
MO NAMMAR                         30,000
DACODA SALTER                         26,000
MATT BOND                         16,000
LAURENCE DILDAY                           7,500


Stay with us here on the blog as we bring you all of the action from Flight C, starting in just a few minutes.

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