Level 6 (300/600/600)
Total Entrants: 103

The player under-the-gun raises to 1,600 and the action folds to Pedro Contreras (pictured) on the button. Contreras calls and the big blind calls.

The dealer spreads a flop of A♥2♥J♠, and the big blind check. The original raiser continues for 3,000 and Contreras calls. The big blind folds and we proceed to the 3♥ on the turn.

The original raiser cuts out chips and leads with a bet of 6,200. Contreras, who has about 16,000 left, doesn't have to think about what to do and immediately calls.

The board completes with the 8♣ on the river. The original raiser hesitates for a few seconds and then checks. Contreras again acts quickly, putting all his chips into a single stack and sliding them into the middle.

Contreras's opponent plays with his cards for fifteen seconds and then asks, "Queen-Jack of hearts?" before throwing his hand away.

Contreras obliges with a free look at his hole cards, J♥9♥, revealing that he flopped a pair with a flush draw.  Nice hand, sir.

Pedro Contreras - 34,300

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