End of Level 12 (1,200/2,400/400)
Total Entrants: 392
Day 1C Entrants: 117
Players Remaining: 24

Average Stack: 97,600

Chris Authement (pictured) kept up his strong run in the latter part of Day 1C and is the overall chip leader heading into Day 2. Authement got tangled up in a giant pot and emerged to bag Todd. 

An early position player opened to 6,000 and Authement called in the hijack with J♣10♠. The small blind came along as well and the flop came out 8♣7♠5. The small blind check and early position fellow checked leading Authement to bet 6,000.

Only the small blind called and the 10♠ hit the turn. A shove of 85,000 was now upon Authement and he called right away. The small blind showed 95. A brick hit the river and Authement shipped the huge pot.

He is in the lead with 313,500 and trailed by Ben Warlock (308,000) among the 24 players to survive. The full list of chip counts and the table draw for Day 2 is to be posted shortly. Below is the Day 1C leaderboard.  

Chris Authement 313,500
Ben Warlock 308,000
Paul Cavell 251,000
David Himoce 160,000
Tyler Morris 156,500
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