Level 12 (1500/2500/2500)
Total Day 1C Entrants: 125
Total Main Event Entries: 378
Day 1C Players Remaining: 25

All the slips are in and we have the official chip counts from the conclusion of Day 1C play. Randy Stott (pictured) held onto the chip lead throughout the last few levels, despite a slew of late-day all-ins and rushes. Day 1B chip leader Shaun Bonavita retains the overall chip lead with 232,000 going into Day 2, with Ray Henson (230,000) and Randy Stott (227,000) right on his heels.

Here are the official counts for the 25 players who bagged up at the end of Flight C:

RANDY STOTT                       227,000
STARR VALDEZ                       201,000
MARK BURFORD                       191,000
DAVID "DAVO" TAYLOR                       153,500
DWIGHT SELLARS                       146,000
NATALIE SCHORR                       131,000
TOMAS TERAN                       130,000
BRYAN TAYLOR                       123,000
MICHAEL VARDEMAN                       117,000
DAVID LEON                       104,000
HUNG DO                         93,000
DUC NGUYEN                         92,000
MARK VANKIERSBLICK                         90,000
ERIC BISHOP                         85,000
STEVEN WINDELL                         80,000
PEDRO CONTRERAS                         77,000
B.J. MCBRAYER                         76,000
ALI NADAL                         73,500
STEVE STIMPSON                         70,500
MICHAEL SAMPOGNARO                         55,500
J.D. AKINS                         54,000
GLEN GOLDSMITH                         52,500
GABRIEL DASPIT                         48,500
RAYMOND CURRAN                         37,500
KRISTOPHER BURCHFIELD                         20,500


Day 2 seat assignments are being formulated and will be published shortly.

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