Level 3 (100/200/200)
Total Entrants: 77

Jamie Strickland found himself on a short stack in the early going, but every time we walk by his table, Strickland is moving all in and surviving. In his latest victory, he's almost back to his starting stack.

As the hand starts, Strickland is in the big blind and Corey Bermea raises from under the gun to 700. Melannie Craig calls in middle position and Jared Ingles calls from the lojack. The action folds back to Strickland who calls with just 5,600 behind.

The dealer spreads a flop of 9♣8♠5♦ and Strickland checks, playing in flow. Bermea bets 1,500 and both Craig and Ingles call. Strickland then moves all-in for 5,600 and the action is back on Bermea.

Bermea has roughly 10,000 left and considers what to do for half a minute before putting in chips to call. Craig calls and Ingles folds.

The dealer puts the A♦ out on the turn. Bermea checks and Craig checks behind. The river 6♣ completes the board and again it's checked through.

Melannie Craig turns over 8♦6♦ for two pair and Strickland turns up 9♠8♣ for a better two pair. Bermea mucks without showing.

Jamie Strickland - 17,600
Melanie Craig - 10,500
Corey Bermea - 4,200
Jared Ingles - 17,900

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