Level 27 (40,000/80,000/10,000)
Total Entrants: 392
Players Remaining: 2

Average Stack: 3,920,000

Heads up play between Jacob Seale and Craig Norals belongs to entirely to Norals. In two hands, Norals set up a wide gap between him and Seale. 

In a limped pot, Seale bet 125,000 on a flop of J7♠2♣ and Norals raised to 250,000. Seale called and checked the 9♣ turn and Norals bet 425,000. Calling chips were inserted once again and Seale checked the J♣ river. Norals bet 500,000 more and Seale called. J♠9♠ was good enough for a full house and Norals took the pot.

Seale checked the QQ♣8♣ flop and Norals bet 200,000. Seale raised to 600,000 and Norals called to the 3 turn. Seale bet 1,000,000 more and Norals called right away. Seale checked the 7♣ river and Norals moved all-in for 1,250,000. It took a minute for Seale to fold and Norals took another pot.

With the blinds up, Norals leads with 6,950,000 to the 980,000 of Seale.