Level 14 (2000/4000/4000)
Total Entrants: 378
Players remaining: 54
Chip Average: 140,000

Mo Nammari limps into the pot from early position and Desmond Scott (pictured) overlimps, saying, "I've got to see this flop and find out what that limp is all about."

Nammari and Scott have been in a friendly back-and-forth with banter and ribbing since play began at noon.

The small blind folds and Starr Valdez in the big blind checks her option. The dealer spreads a flop of J♠9♣8♣ and the action checks to Scott, who bets 10,000. Valdez folds and Nammari quickly calls.

"The old check-call, huh?" Desmond asks. "You know you gotta be careful. I'm an expert at betting people out."

The dealer puts the 9♠ on the felt and Nammari checks. Scott assembles some chips and slides 25,000 into the middle. Nammari thinks it over for half a minute and decides to let this one go.

Scott shows 5♦3♣ and says, "I just wanted to give them a story."

That you did.

Desmond Scott - 154,000
Mo Nammari - 70,500

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