Level 18 (5000/10000/10000)
Total Entrants: 378
Players remaining: 21
Chip Average: 360,000

The players are headed to their second scheduled 15-minute break. But just before the recess, Pej Preemo (pictured) doubled up in a huge pot against former chip leader Tomas Teran.

We missed the early action and arrive on the flop with the board reading A♣T♠6♣. Preemo is first to act and he bets 40,000. Teran quickly calls. The turn brings the 2♥, and Preemo thinks for a bit before putting out a bet of 75,000. Teran takes a little longer this time but calls again.

The dealer completes the board with the 8♠. Preemo takes much longer this time to act, but ultimately announces he's all-in. Now Teran goes into the tank, taking a couple minutes to consider. Of course, you already know from the title that Teran eventually called.

Preemo turns over A♥K♥ for top pair, top kicker, and Teran mucks in disgust.

Pej Preemo - 740,000
Tomas Teran - 172,000

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