Level 22 (12,000/24,000/4,000)
Total Entrants: 392
Players Remaining: 8

Average Stack: 980,000

Jacob Seale is the new final table chip leader thanks to a hero call turned wrong that ended up right against Randy Stott (pictured). 

Seale opened to 60,000 in the cutoff and Stott three-bet to 160,000 out of the big blind. Seale called and the two players saw a flop of 6♣32♣. Stott shoved for 222,000 and Seale used three minutes of time before calling with A4. Stott had the better ace-high A7 and was a favorite to double.

Seale called for a five and missed on the K turn before hitting the 5 river. Stott shook hands and departed. Seale is playing 1,520,000.
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