Level 21 (10000/20000/20000)
Total Entrants: 378
Players remaining: 13
Chip Average: 581,538

We missed the early action and come upon a hand between Pej Preemo and Ron Palculict with the flop already on the board, which reads T♣6♥4♥. Palculict checks and Preemo bets 35,000.

Palculict attempts to call, but throws out the wrong chips, totalling 60,000. The floor is called and the error is ruled a raise. Once Palculict throws in the additional 10,000 chips, Preemo moves all-in. Palculict quickly calls and the hands are turned up.

Palculict - T♦8♦
Preemo - J♦T♥

Palculict's kicker is second best and he must catch an eight or running straight cards to stay alive. The turn is no help with the 5♣, and it's more of the same on the 2♣ river.

Palculict exits the tournament in 14th place, for a $2,608 payday.

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