Level 14 (2,000/4,000/500)
Total Entrants: 392
Players Remaining: 53

Average Stack: 148,000

The RG Main Event in Bossier City is less than a table from the money. The short stacks are doing all they can to hang on and Papa Karn (pictured) managed to find a double to keep his hopes alive. 

With a middle position raise to 8,000 in front of him, Papa Karn shoved for 20,000 from the small blind. His opponent called with KQ and Papa Karn was ahead with A♠9. The J8♠82♠4 board was a good one for Papa Karn. The shortest stack from the start of Day 2 is hanging on near the bubble.

Other short stacks looking to squeak into the money and spin from there include Bossier City local Wes Gauthier (pictured). 

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