Level 19 (6000/12000/12000)
Total Entrants: 378
Players remaining: 18
Chip Average: 420,000

The action folds to Pej Preemo in late position, and he raises to 26,000. Tomas Teran (pictured) moves all in for 72,000 from the small blind and Starr Valdez calls from the big blind. Preemo takes over a minute to decide what to do, but ultimately decides to call.

The dealer spreads a flop of A♣T♠7♣ and Valdez checks. Preemo considers briefly before tossing in four blue chips--a bet of 100,000. Valdez tanks for about a minute before letting her hand go.

Tomas Teran - Q♦Q♣
Pej Preemo - A♠8♠

Teran exits the tournament in 19th place and will collect $1,833 for his performance in the Main Event.

Pej Preemo - 710,000
Tomas Teran - Eliminated

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