Level 19 (6,000/12,000/2,000)
Total Entrants: 392
Players Remaining: 19

Average Stack: 413,000

The field is one way from the final two tables with two eliminations to start Level 19. 

Ben Warlock raised the button to 30,000 and Deb Driskill three-bet all-in from the big blind for 130,000. Warlock called with A♠J♣ and Driskill needed help with KJ♠. The K♠6♣610♠A board paired both players but Warlock had the better of it. He is playing 900,000.

On an adjacent table, it was Brian Kelley's (pictured) turn to collect a payout slip. On a flop of 8♠32, Simon Webster bet 32,000 on the button and Kelley called in the small blind.

Douglas Whitlow raised to 110,000 and once Webster folded, Kelley called all-in for less with 54. Whitlow's A♣K was ahead and he held through the turn and river. Once the field hits 18, updated counts will be posted.

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