Level 15 (2500/5000/5000)
Total Entrants: 378
Players remaining: 45
Chip Average: 168,000

The bubble has burst via a blind vs. blind cooler.  Johnathan Sondrol (pictured, right) limped in the small blind with 9♠3♠ and Bobby Fuentes, holding 6x4x checked his option.

The flop came huge for both players: 4x5♠6♠. Top two-pair for Fuentes and a combo draw for Sondrol. All the chips went in and everyone held their breath waiting for the outcome.

The turn brought the 8♣, but all of Sondrol's draws were still live. The river ended the hand and the money bubble when the 9♣ hit the felt.

Sondrol had a great run but couldn't catch to stay alive.

"Be sure to put in there that today is the birthday," Sondrol tells us, still smiling. "I figured today was my day."

We hope the rest of your day goes better, Johnathan. It may seem like a slight to wish you a happy birthday, under the circumstances, but we really mean it. Happy Birthday!

The remaining 45 players are now in the money. The next player out will receive $851.

Bobby Fuentes - 217,000

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