Level 7 (250/500/50)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 72

Halfway through Day 1A, Daniel Romero holds the pole position and is the only player over 70,000. 

Chip accumulation in the early levels of any tournament is a major building block toward making a deep run. The blinds are going to become a bigger factor in a few levels and having a healthy stack can cut down on the inevitable variance that is bound to come. 

Quite a few players received the memo about building as there are almost a half-dozen already over the 60,000 mark. Leading the way is Daniel Romero, who has accumulated 75,000 so far. Romero's table is far from easy with Phil Mader and Brandon Fish among his competitors but that hasn't stopped him from building. 

Plenty of action is bound to take place before Day 1A wraps and only time will tell to see if Romero can hold his edge. A look at the leaderboard is below. 

Daniel Romero - 75,000
Kevin Juhl - 65,000
James Mullin - 63,000
Kirk Smith - 62,000
Eric Norvell - 60,000
Ken Coy - 50,000

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