Level 8 (500/1,000/100)
Day 1A Entrants: 63

"Make a note," Bhaskar Setti (pictured) said as we walked by, holding his stack of 4,875 up.

That represented under five big blinds but Setti seemed confident he'd run it up. Indeed, he got it in the next hand and action folded around to the big blind, where Andy Van Blair called. Blair had Setti dominated with A 10 against A♠ 8♣, but the flop brought an eight and Setti doubled.

Two hands later, Setti shoved from second position over a limp and swept up another pot, getting to nearly triple where he was at when he first held up his meager stack.

Setti is a local player who can often be found playing in the cash games here at Horseshoe Council Bluffs. He hasn't gotten much traction the times he's tried his hand at tournaments, but he did get 12th in the last RunGood Main Event here, so perhaps this is lucky series for him.

The second break of the day is approaching, and entries will cease to be accepted after the play clock winds for Level 9.
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