Level 8 (300/600/75)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 74

Tony Pleskac took down a big pot against Daniel Romero and jumped up high on the leaderboard as a result. 

Daniel Romero did have the yellow jersey for the last few levels but he is now a part of the chasing pack. Tony Pleskac took the liberty of relieving Romero of nearly 40,000 chips and put himself close to 100,000 as a result.  

Duane Gerleman started the action by moving all-in for 6,125 from early position and got a call from Romero in the cutoff. Pleskac called behind from the small blind and Oren Goering joined in from the big blind. Plesac led out for 12,000 on the J♠10♣8♠ flop and only Romero called to see the 5♣ turn.

Pleskac slowed down and checked and Romero took the opportunity to be 25,000. The bet represented roughly half of Pleskac's remaining stack and he thought carefully before calling. The K river was checked by both players and Pleskac showed down 109 to win the side pot after Romero briefly showed 44♠.

Gerleman turned over J♣J to take the main pot and quadruple up. Romero is now down to less than 50,000 and has some work to do to regain his previous pace. Pleskac is now neck-and-neck with Tyler Tabman for the chip lead.

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