Level 3 (100/200)
Day 1B Entrants: 70
Total Entrants: 134

The term "legend of the felt" doesn't get thrown around lightly in this part of the country. There are some legends who exist and two of them are seated together in the early going of Day 1B. 

Scott Buller (left) and Phil Mader (right) are friendly on the felt but turn into fierce competitors when in a hand. We won't go into the full details of their career results here but it doesn't talk long to figure out why they are part of the legions of "heroes" in the area. 

Both are looking to make another RG Main Event final table in their home casino.

Buller reached the promised land in October and will be on the RunGood Cruise come May, as a result. Mader was part of a three-way deal to close out the Spring Brawl at this time last year.

Who will be left standing by the end of Day 2? We expect to see at least one of these two make a deep run but the first take is advancing out of Day 1B. 

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