Level 3 (100/200)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 202
Total Day 1B Entries: 125

Social media maven and poker celebrity Uncle Ron is in the Day 1B field and ready to make waves. 

There are quite a few outsized personalities in the poker world but not many have utilized the power of social media to enhance their act quite like Uncle Ron. The poker uncle of Blair Hinkle, Uncle Ron can often be found on the rail during Hinkle's deep tournament runs and is self-described on his Twitter account as "The ultimate poker railbird."

Already today, Uncle Ron has informed his many #fans about his trip to Council Bluffs and was even kind enough to give a shoutout to RunGood founder, Tana Karnchanakphan. 

The recently revamped PokerCentral has utilized Uncle Ron's talents in recent weeks for a series of videos that include some of poker's biggest stars, most notably Daniel Negreanu. When people talk about making poker great again, Uncle Ron is at the top of everyone's list for how to best do so with his positive energy brimming at all times. 

Ever the fashion icon, Uncle Ron arrived for Day 1B in his familiar fishing hat and mustache prepared to make a deep run this weekend. For all the time Uncle Ron has spent on Blair's rail, the roles might become reversed by the time the dust settles on Sunday. 

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