Level 7 (250/500/50)
Total Entrants: 307

Day 1C Entrants: 81

Paul Cross bagged 183,500 on Day 1B and put a large figure up for grabs for the Day 1C players to try and catch. So far in the final flight of Day 1 play, Howard Ziegler (pictured) is doing his part to make inroads toward Cross's total. 

Ziegler is playing close to 90,000 near the end of Level 7 and is the only player even close to that mark. The last time RunGood came to Council Bluffs in February, Ziegler eeked out a min-cash. With the stack he has now, Ziegler has a great chance to eclipse that payout this time around.

Should Ziegler make the final table, he will have one of the largest scores of his career along with a seat on the RunGood Cruise.  

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