Level 1 (25/50)
Day 1C Entrants: 87
Total Entrants: 256

The 35 players who advanced from the first two flights of the RG Main Event await their Day 2 seating assignments. Andy Van Blair stands out as the only player with over 200,000. He's trailed by Chris Horter and Darell Glass, both of whom are only a few blinds behind him.

Dan Martin and Jamie Kerstetter represent the RunGood team on the leaderboard. Will someone catch Van Blair? We'll find out in a few hours when Day 1C wraps up at 6:30 pm. A look at some of the players populating the field comes shortly. 

Andy Van Blair 203,500
Chris Horter 188,500
Darrell Glass 183,500
Matt Streeter 149,500
Michael Fouts 149,000
Nathan Wahlert 146,500
Mike McAdam 139,000
Bhaskar Setti 134,000
Scott Buller 132,500
Demir Topich 130,500
Ryan Phan 130,000
Daniel Martin 111,500
Jamie Kerstetter 110,000
Russell Licking 108,000
Dean Neighbors 102,500
Christopher Juul 101,500
Mo Nuwwarah 99,500
Casey Bennet 95,000
Timothy VanAckern 88,000
Doug Hutcheson 79,500
Dan Dylehouse 77,000
Kipp Smith 77,000
Bill Crost 73,500
Loran Hackman 69,500
Dave Finney 62,500
Corky Stot 59,000
Paul Cogliano 57,000
Nicholas Burris 53,500
Randy Belmont 48,500
Kristian Olsen 36,500
Chris Wicks 34,500
Patrick Clark 31,000
Scott Lodes 30,000
Terry Williams 27,000
Stan Shrier DNR



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