Level 5 (200/400/25)
Day 1C Entrants: 119
Total Entrants: 288

The RunGood Main Event in Council Bluffs pulls from all the surrounding areas on I-29 and Kansas City is chief among them. The poker hotbed has two RG ambassadors in the field in the Hinkle Brothers as well as a strong community of 'weekend warriors.'

KC does a good job of finding its way to the final table with Ted Forshey (pictured above) and Cash Carpenter (below) finding their way to a seat on the RG Cruise. Forshey made the top-10 in Tulsa and Carpenter fought his way to a ninth-place finish in October's RG Main Event in Council Bluffs. 

Grant Hinkle placed 10th in last year's Spring Brawl and more has another deep run in him. The math says one member of the KC tribe will make it deep and we'll find out who that is on Day 2. 

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