Level 21 (6,000/12,000/2,000)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 278
Players Remaining: 13
Average Stack: 428,000

Short stacks continue to fall in two table play and Kevin Helper along with Christopher Juul are out of the tournament shy of the final table.

15th Place - Kevin Helper 

Helper was short for most of the day and moved all-in for 70,000 on the button with J♠6♠ and got called by David Caron with 10♣10. Helper flopped a six but received no further assistance and exited after securing a pay jump. Caron has been gradually building all day and is peaking with 540,000.

                                                                             14th Place - Christopher Juul
Like Helper, Juul was short and Jerry Moore notched another bust out by eliminating him. Moore limped in from under the gun and Mark Fink raised to 37,000 from two seats over. From the cutoff, Juul jammed for 125,000 and Moore called. Fink thought for a minute about Moore's nonstandard line and folded to see Moore show KK. Juul needed to come from behind with J♣J and whiffed on the board to join Helper on the rail.

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