Level 13 (1,500/3,000/500)
Total Entrants: 313
Players Remaining: 78
Average Stack: 80,000

Today's RunGood Main Event Day 2 returns 78 players to compete for this weekend's title. Andy Van Blair leads the Day 2 competitors with 203,500 and is in pole position to capture the $36,780 first-place prize. 

Of the 78 who come into today's restarts, 33 will finish in the money. The bubble should arrive within the first four levels of today's play. Levels are 45 minutes until the final table, where they increase to 60. 

Dan Martin, Jamie Kerstetter, and Bernard Lee represent the RunGood pros in Day 2. All are a double up away from being a serious contender with none playing below 70,000. 

Other big stacks returning for the start of play are Chris Horter, Darrell Glass, and Mickey Stuefen. The shortest stack among them is 160,000. 

Cards are set to get in the air at 12:00 pm and the RG blog has all the coverage as we play down to a winner in Council Bluffs. 

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