Level 13 (1,500/3,000/500)
Total Entrants: 313
Players Remaining: 63
Average Stack: 99,000

The RG Council Bluffs field is already down two tables from the start of play. The first level is not over just and the leaderboard has changed dramatically. 

Kipp Smith (pictured) did his part to lighten the field by eliminating Ron McMillen and put himself over 200,000 in the process. 

Smith opened to 9,000 in early position and McMillen shoved for 56,000 from the blinds. Smith called with AK♣ and McMillen was dominated with his A♣Q♦ holding. The J♣J94♣7 board offered chop outs but nothing more as McMillen departed.

Smith finds himself near the top of the leaderboard and a look at the current chip leaders is below with Joseph Walters (pictured) on top. 

Joseph Walters - 335,000
Mickey Stuefen - 295,000
Andy Van Blair - 250,000
Chris Juul - 235,000
Mo Nuwwarah - 200,000
Matt Hennig - 180,000
Scott Buller - 175,000
Chris Horter - 175,000
Darrell Glass - 165,000

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