Level 24 (12,000/24,000/4,000)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 278
Players Remaining: 9
Average Stack: 618,000

Good things come to those who wait and Greg Jennings picked up a pair of blades and got max value to double up. 

Scott Davis doubled with aces earlier in Level 24 and Greg Jennings followed suit an orbit later. Jennings opened for a standard raise from early position and Brian Dewey three-bet to 130,000 in the hijack. Action folded back to Jennings, who jammed for 385,000 total.

Dewey got a count and called with A♣K♠. Jennings flipped over AA♠ and hit a clean board to double up. At his second consecutive RunGood final table, Jennings is once again in contention for the championship belt with over 800,000 while Dewey drops back to 310,000. 

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