Level 18 (3,000/6,000/1,000)
Total Entrants: 319

Players Remaining: 36
Average Stack: 177,000

The bubble lasted 25 hands but it is finally over with Matt Roling the unlucky player eliminated in 37th place. Sean Johnson (pictured) was the player to eliminated Roling and is now second in chips with a payday locked up. 

Roling shoved the cutoff for 52,500 and Kelly Van De Mheen called in the small blind. Johnson moved all-in over the top from the big blind and Van De Mheen folded to hold on to his last 115,000. 

It was the flip of all flips with Roling having the AK and Johnson playing Q♣Q♠. The QJ♠J flop locked up the hand for Johnson and Roling departs without a payout. Johnson is playing 360,000, putting him in second place behind Dylan Meier. 

The field will now play until the final 27 players are left. At that point, the field will redraw for seats. Full chip counts and seating assignments will be posted then.

A look at the updated leaderboard is below. 

Dylan Meier - 395,000
Sean Johnson - 360,000
Matt Morfitt - 345,000
Bhaskar Setti - 330,000
Marvin Hakola - 310,000
Ernest Garrett - 300,000
Cash Carpenter - 275,000
Ajing Ajing-Ring - 260,000

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