Level 16 (2,000/4,000/500)
Total Entrants: 319

Players Remaining: 50
Average Stack: 128,000

The killing fields of Day 2 have not been kind to the RunGood team. Following the early eliminations of Ray Henson, Mina Greco, and Grant Hinkle, both Justin Gardenhire and Blair Hinkle were sent out in this level. With the five now out, only Jose Montes (pictured) and his 140,000 chips remain. 

The action of Gardenhire's elimination was missed and Hinkle took a nasty beat to exit shy of the money. 

Michael Wallin opened to 11,000 in early position and Hinkle jammed for 52,000 from the big blind. Wallin called with A♣Q and Hinkle was in good shape with KK♠. The 977♠ flop was safe for Hinkle and Wallin picked up additional outs on the Q♠ turn.

Wallin rivered the A and Hinkle departed the table. Wallin is up to 265,000 and among the chip leaders. Close to the money, Montes will now try to cash and then potentially make a final table run.

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