Level 28 (30,000/60,000/10,000)
Total Entrants: 319

Players Remaining: 2
Average Stack: 3,190,000

Right after Ajing Ajing-Ring headed to the payout desk, Matt Morfitt (pictured) was right behind him. Morfitt was chip leader for part of Day 2 but couldn't gain any traction next to Kelly Van De Mheen. 

Van De Mheen opened to 175,000 and Morfitt moved all-in for 950,000. Van De Mheen called with K♣Q and was flipping against the JJ♠ of Morfitt. To no surprise to anyone following today's event, Van De Mheen hit the Q♣7♠3♠ flop to move ahead.

The 2♠ turn and A river did nothing for Morfitt and he's out in third place. Heads up play between Yash Mudireddy (1,060,000) and Van De Mheen (5,320,000) is ready to begin with Van De Mheen holding a mammoth lead.

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