Level 22 (12,000/24,000/4,000)
Total Entrants: 313
Players Remaining 6
Average Stack: 1,045,000

Russell Licking (pictured) found himself in the middle of quite a few big hands at the final table. Licking was stuck in the trap again but it was Thomas Tackett who ended up the winner. 

Tackett opened to 57,000 under the gun and Licking shoved for 404,000. The action folded around to Mike Fouts in the small blind, who called. Tackett reshoved for 774,000 total and Fouts called that as well with A♣Q. Tackett held Q♦Q♠ and held a huge edge with Licking turning over A♠9♠. 

The 107♠4103 board gave Tackett the pot and the chip lead. Licking earns $5,410. With the blinds up, below is the updated leaderboard.

  1. Thomas Tackett - 1,860,000
  2. Jon Lawson - 310,000
  3. Joseph Walters - 925,000
  4. Mickey Stuefen - 630,000
  5. Mike Fouts - 1,670,000
  6. Dan Martin - 725,000
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