Level 17 (4,000/8,000/1,000)
Total Entrants: 313
Players Remaining 21
Average Stack: 298,000

Dan Martin keeps on building and he is close to 1,000,000. That number could have been more but a results-based mistimed fold prevented him from claiming the tournament life of Thomas Tackett (pictured). 

Martin opened to 20,000 in early position and Tackett shoved for 75,000 on his direct left. Horter reshoved from the blinds for 182,000 more and after some banter, Martin folded AK♣ face up. Horter led with 10♣10 with Tackett's A8 needing to connect.

The J96♠ flop put the full sweat in play. The 4 turn left Tackett with one last chance. He made the most of it on the A♣ river and took in the pot. Martin regretted his decision but is still doing fine. Horter (pictured) and Tackett both have in the neighborhood of 20 big blinds.

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