Level 23 (10,000/20,000/3,000)
Total Entrants: 319

Players Remaining: 13
Average Stack: 491,000

Right away at the start of Level 23, there were three all-ins with all three players at risk heading to the to collect a payout slip. 

Jared Heinz (pictured above) worked his way up from 23,000 to start the day but falls short of the final table to Jim Devaney. Heinz was all-in for 111,000 with A♠4♠ and Devaney had him dominated A♣K♣. The board gave Heinz no help and he falls in 16th place, earning $1,618. Devaney is up to 620,000. 

Sean Johnson 

(pictured above) was the next to go with Dylan Meier busting him out. Meier raised to 36,000 in the hijack and Johnson shoved for 96,000 from the cutoff. Meier called with A7 and was a slight favorite ahead of the K♣Q♠ of Johnson.

By the time the A♣K♠Q♣3♠3 board was finished being dealt, Johnson had flopped two pair but got counterfeited by the running threes to bust. Johnson takes 15th place and earns the pay jump to $2,066. Meier is back up to 350,000. 

Finally, micro stack Ernest Garrett 

(pictured above) was eliminated for his last 50,000 by Bhaskar Setti when Setti's AA got the better of Garrett's KQ♣.

The field is now down to 13 players and three eliminations from the final table. 

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