Level 16 (3,000/6,000/1,000)
Total Entrants: 313
Players Remaining 28
Average Stack: 224,000

Dan 'Wretchy' Martin is living well on Day 2. He survived an AK vs. Queens encounter a few levels ago and tripled up on the other side of the coin to launch into second place on the leaderboard. 

Scott Lodes opened to 35,000 in early position and Martin shoved for 200,000 in the cutoff. Darrell Glass called all-in for less on the button and Lodes called off for most of his stack.

Lodes and Glass both held ace-king against the Q♣Q of Martin. An ace hit the flop but Martin found salvation with a queen on the turn. When the dust settled, he stacked up to 580,000 and trails only Joseph Walters on the overall leaderboard.

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