Level 4 (150/300/25)
Day 1B Entrants: 62
Total Entrants: 136

There is no limit to how many RG Cruise packages a player can win and yet somehow, no player has claimed two so far during the Road to Open Water. The Kansas City contingent gobbled up a seat at each of the last two RG Main Events.

Cash Carpenter (pictured above) and Ted Forshey (below) finished in ninth place at Council Bluffs and Tulsa, respectively. As a result of their final table finishes, they earned #trinkets to show off at Monday Night Poker in the form of their cruise package and prize money. A few of their Kansas City brethren have joined them this weekend in DownStream and are looking to win a cruise package of their own. 

Forshey followed up his Tulsa final table with a cash in the HPT Championship in St. Louis and is keeping up his heater so far on Day 1B. He and Carpenter are in a friendly competition to see who can win another seat #OnTheBoat and we will know by Sunday night who is to join them when the final table arrives. 

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