Level 12 (1500/2500/2500)
Total Day 1B Entrants: 151
Day 1B Players remaining: 25

The official chip counts are in and RG Ambassador Justin Gardenhire (pictured) bagged up the chip lead for Flight B, eclipsing John Moore's 257,000 from Flight A. Gardenhire holds the lead by a very narrow margin, with Cameron Douglas nipping at his heels with 281,000. In all, 25 players advanced to Day 2.

Here are the complete chip counts for the remaining players from Flight B:

Name Chip Count
Justin Gardenhire      282,500
Cameron Douglas      281,000
Clyde Lorance      246,500
Jason Ernest      241,000
Kasey Stanford      237,000
Tony Courtney      163,000
William McCracken      160,000
Norm Glueckert      137,500
Daniel Lowery      134,500
Mark Barrientos      121,500
Susan Hazelgrove      109,500
Lou Barlow        96,500
Kurt Haiss        92,500
Tracey Reidd        80,500
Nick Burris        77,000
Jeff Tebben        75,500
Steven Glasscock        75,000
Marsha Adams        69,500
Lance Hendricks        68,000
Chris Baumhoer        66,500
Matt Donaldson        61,000
Rob Mariano        60,500
John R. Martin        37,500
Papa Karn        27,500
Joseph Herb        18,000


At the conclusion of Flight C, we'll bring you the Day 2 seat redraw with chip counts for the combined field.

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