Level 2 (100/100/100)
Total Entrants: 91

Rodney Spriggs. If you're an RGPS enthusiast, even if you don't know the name, you know the man. A good-natured gambler who can equally warm your heart or--when his luck runs hot--put you on tilt, Spriggs is enjoying quite the heater this week at Downstream.

Spriggs started off the week as a designated bounty in the $135 Pro Bounty Tuesday night. He was knocked out during the re-entry period when his 9x8x lost to Qx9x on a board of 9x9x6x6xQx. But Spriggs quickly re-entered and rode that bullet all the way to first place for $4,733.

Satisfied, but still hungry for more, Spriggs took down the $180 Deepstack on Thursday for another $9,500.

Spriggs took Friday night off from tournaments to get in some cash game play, but is among the field in Flight B.

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